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Talent is the first strategic resource of FRD. It is important for realizing the company’s great-leap-forward development. In the process of the expansion of FRD, we always believe that the outstanding talent is the basic in the construction of excellent corporation!


We pay attention to each staff's growth, cared about each staff's future, believe the idea “humanist”

Base on Talent

Encouraging the staff to innovate positively, show the ability fully and show talented enthusiasm maximum.

Respect Talent

We offer the broad development space, munificent salary, fair development and comfortable living conditions to the one who have got lofty ideas.

Developing Talent

Warmly welcome to join in our FRD team!





HR Email: hr@frd.cn

HR Hotline : (+86-755) 86081680-8040 (Miss Yin)






Tips Hereby affirms that our company has not appointed any individual to carry out recruitment activities. If you have concerns about recruitment information, please contact our HR Department for advice. Warmly welcome to join in our FRD team!
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