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Tianjin FRD Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter FRD Tianjin), with a registered capital of 20 million RMB, is a high-tech company integrated production, sales and consultation, and specializing on the research and development of new materials.Tianjin FRD Technology Co., LTD.

The main products of FRD Tianjin are conductive plastics, thermal conductive plastics, reinforced plastics and other modified plastics.

In addition, FRD Tianjin is a leading manufacturer of metallized carbon fiber in China.

We produce carious plastics including general purpose plastics (ABS, PP, PE, PS...)engineering plastics (PC, PPO, PC/ABS, PA6, PA66, POM, PBT/PET…) and high performance plastics (PPS, PEEK, LCP, PPA…), and also various modifiers including glass fiber, carbon fiber, metal fiber, carbon nanotubes, carbon black and a variety of minerals.

We have leading products in the industry with independent intellectual property rights of a number of innovative technologies.

FRD always focuses on the research and development of products and production, and provides customers with corresponding product development and application solutions.

FRD Tianjin has a professional team of technical talents and advanced testing equipment in R&D center to provide strong technical support for the innovation of our products.

Customer satisfaction and product quality is our first priority.FRD never stops seeking for innovation and improvement.

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