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Registration Agreement
Registration Agreement X

Before registration, please read the following content, in the process of registration, click "agree and continue" button to indicate that the user fully accept the terms of this agreement.
Article 1 membership
After you have committed to fully agree with the terms of this service and the completion of the registration process in the fly Rongda site, you can become a member of this website, enjoy the service provided by the Rongda website.
Article second: member rights
1, members shall sign the contract, pay the relevant business expenses to enjoy the content of all the tax services provided by this website (other registered enterprises can only enjoy the new part of the platform services);
2, any member shall have the obligation to comply with the provisions of this Agreement and other network services, agreements, regulations, procedures and practices.
Article third: member information
1, in order to enable us to better serve our members, please provide detailed and accurate personal information, such as changes please update, provide false information caused by the consequences caused by the membership;
2, members have the responsibility to keep their own registration password and regular changes to avoid loss, due to the loss caused by member negligence by the member. Users should be responsible for all activities and events that are carried out by their user accounts.
Article fourth: cancellation of membership
If any member is found to have one of the following acts of intention, the net reserves the right to cancel its use of the service, and no compensation is required;
1, may make the cost of the site of all or local services affected, or harm to the site operation;
2, to obtain membership of any fraud;
3, using the network service system for any illegal purpose;
Article fifth: Supplementary Provisions
1, the above provisions only in site www.frd.cn of Fei rong.
2, members of this network in violation of the above provisions violate the relevant laws and regulations, all the consequences conceited, fly Rongda site does not assume any responsibility;
3, in the provisions of this clause, the fly Rongda site has the final interpretation.

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