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Power Supply

Located in FRD Changzhou industrial Park, with 20000 square meters of plant.

Specializing in  integrated solutions for R&D, offering power supply products. 

Mainly in magnetic materials, magnetic components and power products, nanocrystalline materials, wireless charging coil modules, planar transformers, inductors.

产品名称: Charger
时间: 2021 - 07 - 10
Standard circuit technology platforms: PFC, BDC, LLC, SR, HSFB.Standard software and digital control technology platform: MCU and DSP/FPGA/GUI.A mature and reliable R&D process and quality management platform.Rapid and flexible research and development to mass production NPE pilot platform.A rigorous and streamlined V-shaped software design verification technology platform.SmartDesign simulation verification technology platform including:electrical, magnetic, thermal, and mechanical stress.
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