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PUR Hot Melt Adhesive

PUR Hot Melt Adhesive

上市日期: 2016-08-29
Basic Description:

PUR(PU Reactive) hot melting adhesive solution

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● Lower viscosity and thinner adhesive line
● Higher tensile strength
● Better adaptability for different substrate
● 10 times strength than PSA
●<0.5mm edge design trend
● 5X strength compare to A/B adhesive, much better drop test
● Self adopt to irregularly gap shaped
● High cohesive bonding strength
● Better moisture resistance, High temperature resistance, Better resistance to chemicals
● Adjusting the free surface energy
● Inhibiting corrosion
● Dissolving low levels of organic contamination




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2016 - 08 - 29
● Full range of products can be customized according to customers’ specific needs● Independent R&D technology of 150℃ high temperature● Halogen-free Flame Retardant (UL94-V0)
2016 - 08 - 29
● Key processes done: Stamping, Forming (cutting/bending/pressing), Heat Treating, Plating, Assembling…● Strong R&D team and customization capabilities● One stop solution: Plastics, Sheet Metal, Die-cutting, Printing, Rubber, Assembly
2023 - 03 - 22
● Independent R&D and production with patented formulas and technology of conductive fillers● A composite rubber (conductive/non conductive) design and prototyping capabilities● Customization capabilities, can provide product design service based on needs
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